Massive Hippo Charges at Man's Vehicle

It's an exciting day when you come into contact with nature, but it can quickly turn scary when an animal's instincts turn deadly.

For Wikus Ceronie, a 26-year-old Welding Inspector, *something he noticed on his * drive home through Kruger National Park made him take out his phone and start filming. *You* would not believe what he caught on video!

"This is my first time ever working in Mozambique and I was on a jolly journey back home to South Africa. I was crossing the border from Kruger National Park when I noticed a hippo on the bridge. There were people walking around in the nearby vicinity so I automatically assumed this hippo was used to humans. I was quite fascinated by this so I took out my phone to start filming," he told LatestSightings.

"Suddenly the hippo turned and just started charging… I braced myself as I realized he wasn’t going to stop. He hit the bakkie head on and then tried biting it. I guess after that he decided he had won because he just turned around and left," Wikus said.

Hippos are often an underestimated creature because of their common use in comics and children's cartoons. The reality is that the hippopotamus is a dangerous creature with powerful jaws and sharp teeth that could crush a crocodile or split a boat in 2, according to Animal Fact Guide.

"This was terrifying for me because I realized I had nowhere to go and no time to do it in. Beside me was a 50m drop so had he hit me on the side I have no doubt the car would have rolled down the embankment," he said.  

Nature can be unpredictable and this video is really eye-opening for those who love to get close to animals, but stay safe at the same time.

"Even though there was damage done to the bonnet of my vehicle and the door couldn’t open, I’m grateful there were no serious injuries at the end of day," he concluded.