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Mayonnaise Ice Cream Is Now A Real Thing, Sparking A Food Debate

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Ice cream is the greatest dessert, hands down.

And now that we're experiencing a scorching summer, we're buying all sorts of ice cream flavors in bulk.

Or, we're spending exorbitant amounts of money trying new flavors at local ice cream shops.

You may be seeing a new addition at stores and shops if this new flavor of ice cream takes off.

It's called Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise ice cream, and it's sparking a food debate online.

The Ice Falkirk ice cream shop in Scotland is famous for their scrumptious desserts.

They have flavors that sound really good, like Reese's Peanut Butter, Caramel Wafer, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

But they also have strange flavors like Monster Energy, made from the green energy drink.

Last week, they announced to their fans on Instagram that they've made a mayo ice cream.

"Who knows a mayo addict?" the caption reads.

Let's not forget, the main ingredients of mayonnaise are oil, egg yolks, and vinegar.

Now imagine that thick cream frozen, and you have a bowl of it in front of you. Would you enjoy it?

I wouldn't even eat regular mayonnaise if my life depended on it.

That's just me, here's what people online had to say...

Some people are all for this ice cream:

"I LOVE MAYO... what's not to like here! Just add sugar..yummy!" an Instagram user commented.

"You are the heroes we need and not the heroes we deserve. #bless," another wrote.

"I'd dip a chip in that."

"I tried it!!! It's actually really nice, creamy and rich."

Others are appalled by this creation:

"Im going to report this page for hate content. How dare you desecrate the honor of ice cream with this monstrosity?! Ew! No! *recoils in horror*," a user commented on Instagram.

"This has to be at minimum a federal crime," another online user wrote.

Would you try mayo ice cream?

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