McDonald's Just Insulted President Trump On Twitter

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McDonald's Just Insulted President Trump On Twitter

McDonald's is a restaurant chain known for its hospitality, but it had some tough words for President Trump on Twitter today.

In a shocking an unprovoked message the international food giant called President Trump a "disgusting excuse of a President," adding that the brand would prefer to have Barack Obama in office and the president has tiny hands.

While the tweet was quickly deleted it was liked and shared hundreds of times. McDonald's has since shared another message saying that the company's account was "compromised" and that they're investigating the tweet.  


Regardless of how the restaurant actually feels about America's president, he's definitely a big fan of theirs.

The president, who famously loves fast food, treated himself to a burger and fries on his private jet to celebrate winning the Republican nomination last year.


In the past, Trump has actually praised fast food restaurants like McDonald's, saying he thinks the food is cleaner there than at other restaurants.

Trump hasn't tweeted a response to the insult yet, but we can guess that he probably isn't "loving it!"

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