Watch: Fan Steals The Show When Michael Bublé Passes Her The Microphone


Watch: Fan Steals The Show When Michael Bublé Passes Her The Microphone

Jeanie Mackinder - Wikimedia / Allison Bellucci - Facebook

Michael Bublé's voice has made him one of the most successful singers on the planet, so anyone who could steal the show from him in front of a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden has a real gift.

Erin Bellucci definitely does.

The 21-year-old University of Delaware student was in the front row for Bublé's recent date in New York City, and made the most of her close encounter with the star.

Michael Bublé fan singing
Erin's sister Allison caught Bublé's eye so her sister could show off her voice.Allison Bellucci - Facebook

When Bublé asked the crowd about the songs they love to sing in the shower, Erin's hand shot up. She said Etta James' "At Last" was her go-to song, and her sister Allison tried to coax Bublé into passing over his microphone.

"Ask her to sing it!" she shouted.

When Bublé actually did, no one in the crowd was prepared for the voice Erin showed off. The audience cheered just a few notes into her performance.

Taking his microphone back, Bublé joked that Erin was "your next American Idol" and said her voice was "beautiful" - a huge compliment from a singer like Bublé.

This is Erin Bellucci.

Posted by Allison Bellucci on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

"That might not be your last time here," he told Erin. "That was incredible."

He also made it clear that the surprising moment straight out of A Star is Born was not set up in advance.

Allison said she knew just how the encounter would play out as soon as Bublé started doing his crowd work.

"The moment I thought Michael was going to ask an audience member to sing I started jumping up and down to get his attention because I knew she'd absolutely rock it," she told Global News.

Allison Erin Bellucci
Erin says she'll sing in public more after the confidence boost from Bublé.Allison Bellucci - Instagram

Erin, surprise surprise, is a music student who sings in her school's a capella group. She says her dream is to teach children as a music teacher, and could probably qualify for any job she wants right now with that video as her resume.

This wasn't even the first time Bublé has been shown up by a member of his audience.

At a date in Georgia, Andrew Zarrillo was a little more confident than Erin, and practically snatched the microphone from Bublé to croon Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To the Moon."

Michael Buble fan singing
Zarrillo was 100% confident in his voice.Andre Zarrillo

He may have been showboating, but there's no denying that Zarrillo has serious musical skill, and the crowd gave him a big round of applause as Bublé's jaw dropped.

Like in Erin's case, Andrew sings as a hobby with the Nashville Jazz Workshop, but the moment Bublé passed him the microphone was totally spontaneous.

If you would rather hear from Bublé than his talented fans, you'll have your chance later this month. The singer has a new special airing March 20th on NBC called bublé!, which is billed as his most personal special ever.

Bublé will perform a mix of songs from his new album love and old standards like "My Funny Valentine."

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Which performance did you like best, Erin's or Andrew's?

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