Mike Tyson Is Opening A Marijuana-Friendly Ranch Where People Can Get High Legally

Boxer Mike Tyson is one of the world's greatest all-time heavyweight champions, but having a career as prolific as his does come with a cost.

An extreme sport like boxing often takes a toll on an athlete's body and could leave them with health complications, including chronic pain, that can only be managed by medication. For some, like Tyson, treatment comes in the form of marijuana.

Tyson has been a longtime proponent of using cannabis, and he has on multiple occasions openly talked about his own use of the natural drug during his career, as well as its healing properties.


Now, thanks to California's recent legalization of recreational marijuana for those 21 and older, he's talking it one step further by opening up a cannabis-friendly ranch.

Yup, this is not a joke. It's a very serious business venture that is already underway.

Tyson is capitalizing on the Golden State's "Green Rush" by offering a 40-acre destination where weed enthusiasts can go to smoke, relax and expand their knowledge of the drug.

According to USA Today, "Tyson Ranch" will include a premium "glamping" campground, cabins, a factory that manufactures edibles (marijuana-infused food), a supply store, and an amphitheater.

The former boxer and his business partners already broke ground on the remote plot of land, which is located approximately 110 miles from Los Angeles.

In addition to offering an indulgent experience for consumers, Tyson's cannabis resort will have another even more interesting component to it.

Weedcationers won't be the only one who will benefit from "Tyson Ranch". Twenty acres of the ranch will be dedicated to research and cultivating marijuana crops in facilities that "will allow master growers to have maximum control of their environment," according to The Blast.

Dubbed, "Tyson Cultivation School," researchers will be able to conduct experiments using "cutting-edge technology," and teach "the latest and greatest ways to perfect their own strains" of high-quality THC and CBD.

Tyson will also be trademarking "Iron Mike Genetics," to be used in the facility's "work to improve the medical research and treatment of the plant."


The former boxer's company, Tyson Holistic, will be operating the ranch, and they're hoping to create a plenty of jobs, including employing veterans to work on the property because "taking care of men and women who have served in the armed forces is a top priority."

California City mayor, Jennifer Wood, said that she believes "Tyson Ranch" will be a knockout and will be very helpful in providing medical marijuana to those who really need it.

"Thank you so much, sir, for your commitment to our community," Wood said to Tyson. "And thank you for your great people that you have working with you. They are very, very community-minded."

As of now, there's no date for when the ranch will open, but since the project has already begun, the wait won't be for too long.

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