Lionel Richie's Son In Trouble After Bomb Threat And Battery At Airport

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Lionel Richie's Son In Trouble After Bomb Threat And Battery At Airport

Miles Richie - Instagram

Last Saturday, Lionel Richie was probably up worrying all night long after one of his children got in serious trouble.

The singer's son, Miles Brockman Richie, was allegedly detained and questioned by police at London's Heathrow Airport.

TMZ reports that Miles claimed he had a bomb in his bag and punched a security guard Saturday morning. London's Metropolitan Police only confirmed that a 24-year-old man "accepted a caution" for reporting false information causing a bomb hoax and battery.

Lionel and Miles Richie
Miles is Richie's only son.Miles Richie - Instagram

Eyewitnesses told the celebrity news site that Miles, 24, became truly, truly, upset after he wasn't allowed on a flight for an unknown reason. He reportedly announced he had a bomb in a bag, and threw a punch at a security guard who responded to the situation.

We bet Miles didn't have to ask police, "Is it me you're looking for?"

In the U.K., "accepting a caution" involves accepting responsibility for an offense, but the person who receives the warning is not charged or made to appear in court.

Miles Richie and Lionel Richie
Miles recently began a modeling career.Miles Richie - Instagram

But if Miles really was the one to receive the finger wag from police (so far his representatives have not commented on the story) then the caution would remain on his permanent record.

It's a sad turn of events for Miles, who just signed with modeling agency Wilhelmina a few months ago and walked the stage at New York Fashion Week. Hopefully the brush with police will teach him a lesson.

Miles Richie
Miles is one of Richie's two children with Diane Alexander, including his youngest daughter Sofia.Miles Richie - Instagram

Miles was in London last week while appearing at events for London Fashion Week Men's.

We're sure Lionel was not happy to hear the news, but we bet he has endless love for his son.

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Let's hope Miles run-in with police will be the only one!

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