People Are Mixing Milk With Coke, And No One Knows How To React

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People Are Mixing Milk With Coke, And No One Knows How To React

James Felton - Twitter

He started a joke which started the whole world crying, but comedy writer James Felton is completely serious about his love for "milk coke."

Answering a question from a concerned member of the public, Felton introduced the world to his bizarre beverage in a tweet.

"Milk coke is a real thing," he wrote. "Brummies [people from Birmingham, England] love it. We can all move on from this discussion now, I will be taking no further questions."

Felton even included a smiling photo of himself guzzling the tan beverage as proof that the entire idea of milk coke wasn't some kind of cruel prank.

Soon, milk coke had become a viral topic, with netizens from around the world choosing sides.

"It's just like an ice cream float," some argued.

"It's not the same at all, and how dare you," others probably replied.

Despite the backlash, the unusual combination has made plenty of new fans thanks to its free publicity this week.

We may never settle the milk coke debate once and for all, but at least we're having this discussion out in the open - instead of leaving impressionable teachers to be egged into drinking a milk coke by their delinquent friends.

In case you're curious, lifelong milk coke drinkers advise that â…” coke and â…“ milk is the golden ratio for this revolting recipe.

"You have to pour the milk in first otherwise it'll curdle," Felton told the Press Association.

"You've got about 10 minutes to drink it once you've made it, before it separates. And trust me, you do not want to drink a separated milk coke."

Milk Coke
Felton assures his followers he's not pulling an elaborate prank to make them drink milky coke.James Felton - Twitter

The drink is apparently known by several other names around the world, including as "Brown Milk" in parts of South Africa.

But Felton also warns the public his drink is not for everyone.

"I've been drinking it since I was a child and had the metabolism to cope with the calories involved," he said.

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Where do you stand on milk coke? Yea, or no way?

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