Watch: House In Tornado's Path Looks Miraculously Untouched

Watch: House In Tornado's Path Looks Miraculously Untouched

Matt Gillespie - Facebook

The tornado that hit Waverly Hall, Georgia earlier this month was strong enough to leave a trail of toppled trees and ruined buildings in its wake.

But when Matt Gillespie took a bird's eye view of the scene, he noticed a two-story home that looked miraculously unharmed.

Gillespie, who was visiting his parents after the disaster, was at a loss to explain how the home was still standing.

"The residents of the house are okay," he wrote on Facebook. "I don't know how many houses in total were messed up, but on that road there were at least eight that were affected."

He added that the storm the house survived, which saw winds gusting up to 170 miles per hour, was no joke. Gillespie said his father "is in the military and he had never been that scared in his life."

But his parents luckily didn't face the worst of the storm - they just saw a few trees toppled and lost their chicken coop.

A YouTube user named "Angel S" commented on Gillespie's video, claiming to be the owner of the miracle house. But they didn't offer an explanation for what kept the building standing through the storm either.

"The community really pulled together to get our long driveway cleared so we were not trapped in," Angel wrote.

"A lot of hard work and people were just pulling over to help out. Heartwarming to have our neighbors, friends, strangers, and soldiers all come together to get us out quick!"

Just a quick video of the tornado damage we saw at my parents house in Waverly Hall.

Posted by Matt Gillespie on Sunday, March 3, 2019

The same storm system that caused the Georgia tornado created another in Alabama that killed 23 people, so it must have taken divine intervention or really sturdy building materials to keep this house up.

The surprising viral video reminded some of another miracle home, which was still standing after Hurricane Michael swept through Mexico Beach, Florida last year.

That property, a rental home called the Sand Palace, had intentionally been built "above and beyond" Florida's building code.

Its owner, radiologist Dr. Lebron Lackey, told he went 15-20% over budget on everything to guarantee the house would survive "the big one."

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What do you think: was it luck, or clever building that kept the house standing?

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