'Miracle Mother' Saves Baby By Using Her Body To Cushion Him In 80 Foot Fall

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'Miracle Mother' Saves Baby By Using Her Body To Cushion Him In 80 Foot Fall

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We all know that mothers would do anything to protect their children from harm, but every now and then, we need to honor the parents who go above and beyond to prove their love.

One mother showed her everlasting love by preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice for her child.  

When their apartment building caught fire, the flames quickly spread upwards to the eighth story room that this young family was living in.

Unfortunately, they didn't have time to get to the stairs and escape before it became clear that they were trapped 80 feet above ground level.

The fire had consumed much of the lower levels, and people had gathered outside to see. The mother's boyfriend stood out on the balcony and called down to the crowd.

One witness reportedly said, "I heard a man begging - 'break down the door!' But it was metal "“ there was no way."

As the smoke had filled the apartment, the mother stepped out onto the balcony cradling her child, unable to breath in the toxic fumes.

She looked down at the ground, and knew she couldn't stay her with her baby and live. With one last look down, she jumped off of the ledge.

It's a decision we hope we never have to make, but in a few short minutes, one mother knew she had a duty to protect her child.

After determining their chances of surviving weren't good if they stayed, she leaped off the eighth story balcony.

The mother wrapped her body around the child, making sure she hit the ground before the baby did. Spectators were stunned and rushed to check on their condition.

Miraculously, both the three-year-old boy and the mother were alive. The baby had minor injuries and the woman only suffered a broken leg.

Her boyfriend was later rescued from the burning building by firefighters who arrived on the scene.

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