When A Disabled Man's Bike Was Stolen, Her Vulgar Flyer Scared The Thief Straight

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When A Disabled Man's Bike Was Stolen, Her Vulgar Flyer Scared The Thief Straight

Shannon Loys

Andrew Loys from Seattle, Washington has a lot to be thankful for.

He's survived cancer three times, despite suffering through harsh treatments that left one of his legs shorter than the other.

Because of that disability, Loys depended on a specially modified bicycle with "pedal shorteners."

Loys should also be thankful for his wife, Shannon. Because when that special bike of his was stolen, she was the one who tracked it down.

"Dear steaming pile of garbage..."

When a thief hopped a fence and stole Andrew's bike last week, Shannon admits she was "so angry."

Not just because of the theft, but also everything else Andrew has suffered through.

So when she put up flyers to find the missing bike, she took the chance to "vent to the universe" in very direct language.

"It was from the heart," she explained, "and gut-punching."

In case you're curious, here's what Shannon had to say to the bike thief in her flyer:

"Dear steaming pile of garbage BIKE THIEF,

That bike you stole belongs to my sweet husband, a 3-time cancer survivor. It was specially modified for his physical needs. I hope you develop an incurable case of boils in your crotch region."

Against all odds, the bike thief must have seen Shannon's threatening flyer, and taken it seriously, because he gave the bike back to a good Samaritan.

"He has had some bad luck in his life ... so getting it back meant more than the bike itself."

Missing Bike Flyer
The thief left the bike with a homeless man.CBS 47

Kevin, a homeless man, found the specially modified bike abandoned, and kept it with him.

When he saw Shannon's acerbic flyer, he knew it must be the right bike, and called her to return it.

In fact, Kevin had to ask someone else to call for him, since he doesn't even own a cellphone.

Shannon met Kevin at his camp later that night, and found the bike was in pieces but still in pretty good shape.

"Kevin was so sweet. He had clearly been guarding it. He was on a mission to get it back to us," she told the BBC.

"I don't know who stole my husband's bike, but I know for sure it was Kevin who gave it back."

Andrew was very happy to get his bike back, and the couple happily repaid Kevin for his good work.

He got $100, hot coffee, cookies, and a thank you card for his good deed.

Missing Bike Flyer
The couple gave Kevin cookies and cash as a reward for his good deed.Shannon Loys

"He was as nice as I remembered, really sweet. He was so worried someone would think he stole it," Shannon said.

And Shannon was just as worried about not getting the bike back, as you could tell from her flyers, so this was everything she hoped for.

"[Andrew] had some bad luck in his life ... so getting it back meant more than the bike itself," she said.

The cherry on top of this uplifting story is that an online do-gooder has volunteered to pay for repairs on the bike.

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Kudos to Kevin and good people like him everywhere!

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