Her Boyfriend Went Missing In Disney World, Then Turned Up In A Hilarious Place


Her Boyfriend Went Missing In Disney World, Then Turned Up In A Hilarious Place

Brittany Blake - Facebook

It's sadly common for guests to lose sight of their children while visiting Walt Disney World, so the park has a foolproof system set up to help parents track down their missing kids.

But what do you do when your boyfriend wanders off to explore the theme park and gets separated from you?

Brittany Blake founder herself in just that situation last weekend, when her boyfriend Gregory Turco went missing.

Brittany Blake missing boyfriend
Blake spent hours looking for her missing boyfriend.Brittany Blake - Facebook

Blake had already been searching for hours when she posted a photo of Turco on the Disney Annual Passholders Facebook page, asking visitors for help tracking down her man.

While Turco's cell phone was dead, Blake assumed that his distinctive red and white Hawaiian shirt would be easy to spot.

"Weird post but lost my boyfriend in Epcot today and haven't been able to find him for hours because his phone is dead," she posted. "If anyone sees him can they tell him to meet us at the Mexican pavillion [sic]?"

While many good Samaritans did offer Blake their help, plenty of others joked about her unusual situation. The hashtags #FindGregory and #FindBrittanyBF even started spreading on social media.

Gregory Turco
Facebook users teased Turco for his flashy Hawaiian shirt.Brittany Blake - Facebook / Disney

"I did not see him but Stitch has a similar shirt on," one user wrote, sharing a photo of Disney's adorable blue alien in his own Hawaiian shirt.

"Have you checked P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney?" asked another, referring to a running gag in the Finding Nemo movies.

Lo and behold, Blake's post actually paid off hours later - just 15 minutes before the park closed - when a visitor spotted Turco in line for the Frozen boat ride.

Gregory Turco
Turco had been day drinking and taking in the sights while looking for his girlfriend.Brittany Blake - Facebook

"Update on my boyfriend," Blake shared with the group. "Found on the Frozen ride. He was drinking all day while looking for me. [By the way]: thanks for everyone's nice comments!"

Some of those comments included savvy advice for other couples to prevent a mishap like this from spoiling your vacation.

It's important to always pick a location in the park where you can meet up if you get separated from your group. And don't be afraid to ask park employees for help - they have their own ways of tracking down missing guests.

Disney World Epcot
There are quicker ways to track down a missing boyfriend than social media.Chris Flynn - Pixabay

But, as long as your missing person is an adult who can fend for themselves, it's worth remembering there are upsides to being alone at a theme park.

"You're now a single rider," one person told Blake, "and that's almost like having a fast pass. His loss."

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Have you ever lost a family member while visiting a theme park?

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