Model Defends Dangerous Surgery To Fulfill Dream Of Having World's Biggest Bum

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Model Defends Dangerous Surgery To Fulfill Dream Of Having World's Biggest Bum

Natasha Crown/Instagram

In today's society, it's not uncommon to see individuals going to great lengths to get the body of their dreams.

But just like anything in life, some people take their aspirations too far and one glamour model's desire to achieve the world's biggest bum seems to be a cause of concern.

Natasha Crown from Gothenburg, Sweden has a 84-inch wide derriere, and is gorging on pizza, pasta and about 13 pounds of Nutella a month to attain her dream physique.

At 296 pounds, doctors told the 24-year-old that she needs to gain an additional 56 pounds in order to have a Brazilian butt lift that would redistribute her fat to her butt.

"The more I gain the better the bum will be. I'll do whatever it takes to have the world's biggest bum," Crown said in an interview with The Sun.

Crown was 20 years old when she got her first cosmetic procedure, and admits she's been addicted to plastic surgery ever since.

"Maybe I have body dysmorphia or something but I don't feel like it is even that big. I definitely want bigger," she told the publication.

"When I was a teenager and my body started to change "“ I got boobs, I got a bum. I just loved my body so much."

"Since then I have had three butt lifts as well as boob jobs and I also have [lip] filler and lots of other procedures."

"I just love the feel of having a big bum. When I walk, I feel all the jiggling, jiggling, jiggling and I start to feel horny with myself."

"That is the best feeling I think. My bum makes me feel sexy and makes me feel powerful."

On September 5, Crown appeared on ITV's This Morning to discuss her plans for another surgery.

The social media star, who has more than 136,000 followers on Instagram, told hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield she often shrugs off any negative comments made by her fans.

"I think I have more haters than more fans. I have my own website and my fans are there. I am earning money off this," she shared.

Despite Crown's adamancy for another procedure, she said her parents and brother are worried about her going under the knife yet again.

"They are really concerned about me doing all this surgery and doing so much. They think I am going to die because I am gaining so much, they think that is not healthy," she said, adding that she genuinely feels she is.

"People should know, that I am exercising every day I am not just eating. To maintain the muscles in the right place I am exercising. I feel healthy," she explained.

"To maintain the muscles in the right place you have to exercise a lot," but added her bum makes it too difficult to run. "I can't run because it's so heavy. I can't sleep on my back because it's really round."

Watch her full interview below:

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