Police On Alert After Matchmaker Mom Walks Around Campus To Find Son A Date

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Police On Alert After Matchmaker Mom Walks Around Campus To Find Son A Date

Towson University Police Department/Towson University

Every mother wants to see their child happy at all times.

This is why they will go above and beyond to meet their children's needs, and I'm not talking just about cooking meals, driving them to practices, or comforting them when they're sad.

Some moms will go through extreme measures, like the Baltimore woman who recently roamed her son's campus to find him a suitable date in time for Valentine's Day.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the matchmaker mom, who is believed to be in her 50s and rocking a multicolored scarf, glasses, and a stripped shirt, approached several students at Towson University and asked them if they'd date her son after showing them his picture.

"The Towson University Police Department is investigating three related incidents occurring in the Cook Library and Center for the Arts buildings on February 6 and 7th," the department said in a statement.

It's unclear why this mother is so determined to find a partner for her son, but we can't blame her for taking matters into her hands in this age of superficial (and sometimes dangerous) online dating apps like Tinder.

Towson University Police Department

Police have released video footage of the mom, hoping she can be identified or that she will come forward.

They do not intend to open a criminal investigation case, but according to Chief Charles Herring, her cupid-like behavior "may cause concern" so they will probably give her a stern warning to put an end to it.

The police also issued a campus-wide advisory "to make the TU Community aware of an incident on campus that may cause concern."

"This advisory is intended to heighten awareness and inform the community of incidents that may impact their safety and security," the department said in the notice.

As expected, it seems like feelings are divided on the situation.

Some students saying that it's "cute" the mom is going through all of this effort for her son and that she probably had good intentions, but not everyone is convinced. Some thought her behavior was "creepy."

"I guess it would just be weird to me to have [the woman] ask me something like that," a student told WREG. "I would probably deny her and then maybe tell someone about it. That is not something you hear every day."

Another student joked that if his mother did something like this he would "disown" her for embarrassing him on such a grand scale.

Where do you stand? Is this mom's behavior sweet or scary?

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