Mom Couldn't Believe Her Son Was Being Used As Part Of A Facebook Scam

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Mom Couldn't Believe Her Son Was Being Used As Part Of A Facebook Scam

When you post pictures of your children online, you don't ever expect this to happen. This mother had posted photos of her son last year when he got an extreme case of the chicken pox but then when the pictures started to circulate this year she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Someone had taken the images of her son and wrote a message claiming that this child has cancer and that Facebook would donate money based on likes, comments and shares.

The mother of the child made a complaint to Facebook asking it to be taken down as it had been shared more then a million times. They knew posting pictures might have them shared around, but never in the capacity that someone was claiming he had cancer.

Facebook claimed to have disabled the account where the post was, but it quickly reappeared. The profile has several images of different kids with the same text. Mrs Allen, mother of the child in the chicken pox image says that "what's so disgusting [is] it's not just Jasper's pictures but [about] 100 of other people's families as well."

It is suspected that they are "link farming", which is a scam where a page gets people to interact so they can use them to sell products to later. "They may later post something that claims you've won a prize and try and get you to enter your mobile phone number and then sign you up for a premium rate service, or ask for other personal information," Graham Cluley a security blogger explained of the process.

Facebook is reviewing the case and declined to comment until the investigation is complete.