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Doctors Told Her There Was Nothing She Could Do To Save Her Baby, But This Mom Didn't Give Up

Louise Adams' pregnancy was going well until her water broke early. She was only 22 weeks along at this point, and doctors told her there was only a 5% chance of saving her baby boy. They advised her to expect a miscarriage any day.

28-year-old Louise and her husband Jakk, who already had a son named Isaac, refused to accept the doctor's prognosis.

“All they could do is monitor me in the hospital waiting for the inevitable miscarriage,” said Louise. “But I could feel Joseph kicking. I couldn’t just sit around doing nothing to save him.”


Determined to save her baby's life at whatever cost, Louise began doing her own research about how to restore the amniotic fluid.

She discovered that drinking more water could potentially increase the amniotic fluid and allow her baby to grow strong and healthy.


“The more the mother drinks the more the baby drinks and urinates,” Louise said. “As excretion of the urine by the unborn baby is the major source of amniotic fluid production in the second half of pregnancy, it made sense that increasing my fluid intake could make a difference.”

But if this method was going to be effective, Louise had to drink 7 pints of water every day, an almost impossible amount. When she told doctors about her plan, they warned her that it wouldn't work.


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Louise ignored their replies and planned the next 13 weeks with her incredible water-drinking schedule in mind. To the doctors' surprise, the baby, who she named Joseph, started growing.

“Although UK doctors were skeptical, I discovered in other countries around the world mothers whose waters break early are put on a drip,” said Louise. “I’m convinced he survived such low odds because when my waters broke, I replaced them by ensuring I was well hydrated.”

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Three months later, she gave birth to a healthy 5lb, 10oz baby via c-section. Although baby Joseph was tiny, he was a fighter just like his mom.


The baby's excited brother Isaac visited him in hospital right after he was born, and it was the sweetest meeting ever! Just a week later, Joseph was cleared to go home with his family.

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