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Scented Candles Are Posing A Serious Risk To Your Baby's Health, But They Can't Tell You

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Scented candles are great for enhancing your decor, filling your space with fragrances, setting the ambiance for a bath, and so much more. So it really is a no brainer to just light one up every time the opportunity arises. Well, you should stop and think twice next time you decide to do so.

Meghan Budden learned about the dangers of scented candles the scary way . The New Jersey mom noticed black dots in her infant son Jimmy's nostrils while she was nursing him. She attempted to clean it, but the dark specks remained.


She then recalled burning two scented candles the previous night for about six hours. She took a look at the packaging and noticed the fine print warning: "Do not burn more than three hours at a time."

That's when it hit her.

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