Neighbors Thought She Was Dead After Saving Her Son

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Neighbors Thought She Was Dead After Saving Her Son

A mother's love is a powerful force, one that can make you do something that you would never think possible. This mother made a courageous split-second decision that ended up saving the life of her 3-year-old son.

In the afternoon on February 13th, Sarah Dredge was outside with her son and two other girls from her street when a tree suddenly cracked and fell to the ground right over top of them. As the tree fell it took down a power line and transformer with it, but Sarah thought fast and did what any mother would do.

When the tree started to tumble down over top of her, she grabbed her son and shielded him from the branches and wires with her own body.

Neighbors couldn't believe what they were seeing. They expected the worst when they saw the mess of branches. Elizabeth Butler, Dredge's sister-in-law who happened to be nearby said that she "just heard the crack and turned and saw it falling and thought they're all going to be dead under there," when speaking with CBS.

Luckily, none of the children were seriously harmed and Dredge managed to escape with only a concussion. The police commented on the event on their Facebook, stating that "all things considered she was tremendously lucky."

Dredge's husband is extremely thankful for his wife's quick thinking, "It's the best thing that someone could do, this is our son. She's a wonderful person, and I think she saved his life."

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