Mom Accused Of Child Abuse For Letting Her Boy Try Cocoa Powder In Viral Video

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There are loads of viral internet challenges that make you cringe, but many social media users are unsure how to respond to a video of a mom letting her boy try unsweetened cocoa powder.

Is the video funny? Does it show abuse? Was the lesson worth it? Was it a good idea overall?

These are all the questions that run through your mind when you watch it.

But the first thing that came to my mind was why is this child taking part in something similar to the cinnamon challenge?

If you don't remember that internet food challenge, let me give you a quick run down.

People would film themselves eating a spoonful of ground cinnamon without consuming any liquids in the hopes to go viral.

The challenge raked in millions of views across multiple social media platforms, and also generated many different responses.

Some users thought these videos of people struggling to breathe were hilarious, and others cited health concerns.

Keep in mind, all those people who uploaded those videos voluntarily participated in the challenge.

And while this boy trying coca powder is not forced to taste it, many people are calling the mother out on giving him the O.K.

"This child will not stop insisting on tasting this," the mother says while holding a small box of natural unsweetened cocoa powder. "I keep telling him it's going to be gross, but he does not want to listen."

"I'm going to let him find out for himself," she concludes before the young child excitedly puts a spoonful of powder in his mouth.

It looks like he's going to scoop up some more of the powder until he realizes that he can't swallow it.

Not only that, but unsweetened cocoa powder is extremely bitter.

He then turns the box to get a good look at what he so desperately wanted a taste of, looking completely dissatisfied.

The boy starts coughing out the powder, tears streaming down his face, until his mother asks him to spit it out.

The video was posted on Sunday and so far has more than 1.6 million views and 21,000 shares on Facebook.

With views like that, you can imagine the kinds of comments this video has received.

Many Facebook users are calling this mom "the worst parent."

"Wow and the award for worst parent goes to this lady who would give their child powdered chocolate great way to choke to death. Bad parenting doesn't make a good video."

"What kind of parent does this? Why don't you take a spoon of it with him? Inhale it and see what your future holds! Child abuse?"

"So he makes his own decisions. Just say no and put it away. Very simple because there's no way he would even know it's chocolate unless told."

But others agreed with the mother's parenting tactic:

"Would you all shut up.... who cares what YOU think she should've done. It's not child's not child neglect and it's definitely not poor parenting BUT it is her child and HER decision. Do us all a favor and keep an eye on your own children."

"Give me a break. She supervised what the kid would have done behind her back anyhow. I did it when I was a kid and I'm sure a lot of you did too."

"I'll say it again. Experience is the BEST teacher!!"

Watch the full video below

Kid eats cocoa powder

This kid DEMANDED to try cocoa powder straight from the tub... Wait for it 😂😂

Posted by VT on Sunday, September 2, 2018

What's your take on this video? Should the mother have let her child taste the powder?

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