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Mom Urges Caution As 3-Year-Old Overdoses On Sleeping Pills

Medications are a part of life for most people. Pain meds, basic Tylenol, allergy medication, anti-depressants, at least one of these can be found in every family's home.

And while, yes, we tell our kids not to take medication without an adult present, are we really doing enough?

Stevie Niki, a mom from Australia, is urging parents to double check ALL their medications are out of reach of kids...regardless of how well-behaved you think your children are.

Because if you're not careful, you could end up in the hospital with an overdosed 3-year-old like her.

Niki with her daughter

Niki is a blogger and the mom-of-four wrote about her terrifying experience when one of her kids managed to get into the family medication.

Niki had family over and the kids were all playing quietly. She went outside for a bit with her aunt and when she cam back in, she knew something was off.

"I found the dining chairs that we have stacked (to prevent our one year old from using them to climb) were moved to the other side of the kitchen," she writes.

Her three-year-old had moved all the chairs so she could climb into the medicine cabinet (above the microwave). Niki says it's hard even for herself to reach, so she was stunned to find out her daughter had gotten in.

She had managed to reach the 'half full container of prescription medication and some brightly-colored Strepsils sitting next to it down from the cupboard.'

Daily Mail

Niki asked her daughter where the pills went, and the response sent chills down her spine:

"They're in my tummy mummy."

Niki immedaitely rushed her daughter to the hospital, knowing all too well how poorly this could end.

Daily Mail

Luckily for the Niki family, everything turned out alright.

"There are two silver linings to this story. The first is that the medication she overdosed on was slow release Melatonin which is the artificial version of the naturally occurring hormone in our brain that helps us to relax and go to sleep," Niki said. "The second is that we have an array of various prescription medications sitting in the medicine cupboard that could have been potentially deadly if she had of decided to overdose of them instead."

Daily Mail

Stevie Niki posted this story as a warning to other parents, and she wants others to think before they speak about it.

"[But] while you may potentially be on your high horse judging me, it really isn’t something that is that uncommon," she said. "Remember accidents happen to all of us."

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