Mom Was Shocked To Find Medicine In Her Son's Candy

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Mom Was Shocked To Find Medicine In Her Son's Candy

Sophie Brown from Halifax, England is warning other parents after finding a dangerous surprise in her son's chocolate egg.

She bought her youngest son Riley a chocolate egg in Minions wrapping from a small store near her house. When Riley had trouble opening the plastic egg inside to get his toy, he brought it to his her.

But Brown didn't find a toy inside the plastic container. Instead, there were four green and yellow pills and some white tablets.

Brown called both the police and the store she bought the chocolate from right away. The authorities say they're looking into her case, but tested the pills and say they were "over-the-counter medication."

When Brown shared a photo of them on Facebook, some suggested that the white "MDZ" tablets are medication used for patients in palliative care. One nurse even reached out to Brown, saying that Riley would have been "in a coma or worse" if he ate them.

While the lucky mom is counting her blessings, she's also warning other parents to be careful what they give their children. She thought the egg was a legitimate product but it may have actually been a fake wrapped in old packaging.

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