Mom's Pee Instructions Take Aim At Boys And Their Bathroom Habits

Potty training is a messy job, but someone has to do it! Unfortunately, someone also has to CLEAN that mess, and it's usually Mom.

One mom, Kristina Kuzmic, decided it was time to take a stand against the mess and make something very clear to her kids: there is only once place to pee, and that is the toilet.

Kuzmic, who won Oprah Winfrey's "Search For The Next TV Star", has a slogan: "Motherhood is messy...get dirty!" but she's clearly over cleaning the toilet seat repeatedly!

The Messy Mom has three kids of her own, two boys and a girl, but is a constant inspiration for parents across the country.

Her most recent (and genius) idea in regards to keeping her kids peeing IN the toilet has gone viral and it's really not hard to see why!

Sometimes I write my kids love notes.

Posted by Kristina Kuzmic on miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017

"Sometimes I write my kids love notes" she captioned the image.

Parents everywhere swarmed to the post, sharing their love for her idea!

All in all, people thought Kuzmic's idea was hilarious! Would something like this work in your house?

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