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Fans Congratulate "Parenthood" Star On Pregnancy, But She Actually Has An Incurable Disease

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Lifescript / Daily Mail

The 46-year-old Parenthood star, Monica Potter, is definitely not pregnant.  

She posted a photo of her swollen belly on her social media platforms to raise awareness about the disease she's suffering from.

Only a few hours after she made the post, her social media feeds were flooded with messages congratulating her on her fourth pregnancy.

That's not what the post intended, but she's glad it's been getting a lot of attention.

“So we posted something yesterday about my belly, and thank you for all of the well-wishes — I’m not pregnant. I’m kind of a little old to be pregnant, but you never know,” Potter explained in her personal video. “But what I wanted to bring to everyone’s awareness was some issues that I’ve been having with my belly, and sometimes these issues aren’t talked about."

Here's what the star has been suffering from.

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