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A Former Tesla Employee Designed A Hangover Cure, We Tried It And Are Actually Really Surprised

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Between our trusty testers we drank hard liquor, mixed drinks, beer, and wine, just to make sure we got an accurate idea of what Morning Recovery could do. We drank quickly over a small period of time, we drank slowly and throughout the night. We binged on food or only had salads. In short, we gave this miracle cure the most scientific test a team of Internet writers could - and the results were unanimous.

It works.

Start singing its praises because Morning Recovery is the delivery on the age old promise of "This will cure your hangover."

You have to take it before bed, which might prove to be the most challenging part of taking Morning Recovery, but all of the testers remembered to take it after their night out. It goes down in a gulp, and tastes lightly of peach juice, which most of us liked, but did have a "vitamany" aftertaste. One tester compared it to Flintstones' vitamins, and everyone loves those.

Waking up is hard to do, and to be honest Morning Recovery didn't help too much with that. Most testers reported being tired the next day, however they also had less than 6 hours sleep. One person forgot to drink water before bed, and woke up with a desert in his mouth. He was happy to report that was the only ill effect of a night of hard drinking. Another said he had a headache when he woke up, but after an hour he was his normal, sober self.

We all have our own "cures" and sometimes they work pretty well. Everyone who participated in this test had some method of dealing with their hangover effects. Most common was eating greasy, or carb-heavy foods. Hard to give a scientific reason that might work, but if there's an excuse to eat McDonald's most of us are going to take it. Many others say they drink Gatoraide or take a multivitamin before bed - and that's close to what Morning Recovery is.

Designed by a former Tesla Product Manager, and painstakingly researched by some of the finest scientific minds in North America, Morning Recovery uses a combination of herbs and vitamins specifically designed to combat hangovers.

Most symptoms are the cause of inflammation and dehydration, as well as the liver being overloaded with toxins. To get scientific, the cure works because it aids the body in flushing out the bad stuff while replacing the good stuff.  

Everyone agreed Morning Recovery had a noticeable impact on their hangover and are primed to try it again. In fact we may have created a bit of a monster, because now the testers and their friends are clamoring for more.

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