The World Is Livid After A Mother Is Booted From An Airplane For Breastfeeding

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The World Is Livid After A Mother Is Booted From An Airplane For Breastfeeding

Daily Mail

You would think that in this day and age, we would not be hearing about corporations stopping mothers from looking after their children, but after all, it is 2017 and the world is crazy.

So maybe it is no surprise to hear that a mother was forcibly removed from a flight on December 8, because she would not stop breastfeeding her 2-year-old son.

Not only is the request quite thoughtless to demand of a mother with a hungry child, it happened after a three hour delay when the family was trapped on the plane.

Mei Rui began feeding her child when an attendant came over to her seat and told her to stop and put her son in his seat because they were "ready to take-off." Despite the fact that the doors were still open on the plane, she complied, and spent 25 minutes trying to soothe her crying boy.

When she finally gave up and started feeding him again, the whole plane was asked to disembark, and Rui and her family were denied entry, while the staff were laughing at her in the background.

What happened after only caused more grief for the targeted mother.

Mei Rui is a cancer researcher who was on her way to New York City to take part in an assignment with the MD Anderson Cancer Center before her family was removed from the flight because of her breastfeeding.

In a video, we can see Rui begging to be told what rule they broke as a wall of security stands between her family and the flight they had booked.

When the enforcement officers refused to tell her which rule she had broken, she asked what they would do if it happened to their family.

The officer chuckled and said, "It wouldn't happen to my family, I can assure you."

Following the ordeal, her father suffered a heart attack due to the stress that they were exposed to.

"My parents and my young son are completely traumatized from this experience," says Rui.

Spirit Airlines released a statement that they had removed a passenger because of non-compliance and said, "As a courtesy, we've issued a full refund to the customer in question."

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