Mother Loses Toddler To Measles, Now Pleads With Parents To Vaccinate Their Children

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Mother Loses Toddler To Measles, Now Pleads With Parents To Vaccinate Their Children


There's a lot of debate on whether parents should vaccinate their kids.

Some people argue that vaccines are just moneymakers for pharmaceutical companies, and that they cause even more health problems, like autism.

And others argue that immunizations protect children from getting and spreading fatal diseases like measles, mumps, and polio.

Unfortunately, people only start paying attention when a tragedy occurs. Get your tissues ready because this story is guaranteed to make you feel emotional.

Dragana Petrovic was in and out of her local hospital after her baby girl, Nadja, was diagnosed with hypocalcemia, which causes lower than average calcium levels.

Because of her condition, Nadja could not be vaccinated. She was susceptible to fatal diseases like the mumps, measles, and rubella.

"We hoped that the collective immunity would protect her in the course of an epidemic," the Serbian mother wrote on her Facebook post, which was reposted by "Light for Riley."  

Unfortunately, earlier this year Nadja contracted the measles from a young boy who was staying in the same hospital room in Serbia in January this year.

When the two-year-old girl got a high fever, Dragana's heart sank.

"Nadja was getting tired, barely breathing, [was] swollen, nose and mouth bleeding, and blue. In the evening she was admitted to intensive care, and at 4 o'clock that night she was intubated because of a sudden desaturation, a fall in pressure and a heart attack. Resuscitation measures were taken and Nadja survived," the mother said.

For three months, Nanja's little body worked hard to fight the infection. But in early April, she lost the fight and her heart stopped beating.

Now Dragana is calling for justice and hopes that by sharing her heartbreaking story she can turn the growing trend of parents not vaccinating their kids into a fad.

"I shared this story with you in order to educate parents who have doubts about the vaccination of their children. Every child has the right to be protected from infectious diseases. Nadja became a victim, giving up her own life, to show how this harmless child's disease can endanger one's life. Now it's up to us to share her story so that nobody suffers like she did. My angel left me too early, but I will fight so no one forgets here and goes through what I went through."

Share Nadja's story and let's fight for justice!

What's your stance on vaccinations?

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