Mother Shamed For Tickling Her Infant Daughter In Viral Video

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Mother Shamed For Tickling Her Infant Daughter In Viral Video


It's hard enough to listen to other adults tell you how to raise your child, but it must be even more difficult when they are accusing you of child abuse for something you thought was playful.

That's the situation that Audrey Roloff found herself in after posting a home video of herself and her husband playing with their newborn daughter, Ember.

Roloff is a blogger with over 700,000 followers on Instagram, posting pictures of her family and items from her clothing line. When she posted the video of her child, she wasn't expecting the eruption of anger that followed.

"Don't tickle babies it will make them stutter. It hurts their nervous system. Think what it does to you if someone holds your arms and tickles you," said one viewer, echoing the sentiment of many more in the comments.

However, it seemed like the audience was still divided.

Watch the video for yourself on the next page, do you think it was too much?

Some people are saying that this video shows Roloff's husband 'torturing' their child by tickling her, possibly causing her harm.

Despite the criticisms, many viewers are coming to defend the young couple, saying there is nothing wrong with the practice.

Obviously, if the child seems like they are  distressed, the parent should stop the tickling.

The parents don't seem too dismayed about the controversy, continuing to post pictures of their family.

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