Woman Loses Necklace With Her Mother's Ashes Inside, But The Internet Performed A Miracle


Woman Loses Necklace With Her Mother's Ashes Inside, But The Internet Performed A Miracle


We all have those special items that are too important for words. Beyond any price, they contain special memories or act like a link with a loved one that we've lost. Whether it's a photo album, piece of clothing, or a cherished necklace, items like that are irreplaceable.

If they happen to get lost, it can be devastating.

Tiffiny McKinney was shopping in New Jersey's Deptford Mall when somewhere between shopping at Chico's, Things Remembered and going to the bathroom, the clasp on her necklace broke. Inside was her mother's ashes.

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"Lost in Deptford Mall is a necklace (it is a teardrop)," she wrote on Facebook. "My mother passed away suddely from ovarian cancer. This necklace has her ashes."

*** update. Found*** Lost in the deptford mall (New Jersey) is a necklace (it is a teardrop) that has my mothers ashes....

Posted by Tiffiny McKinney on Saturday, February 9, 2019

The necklace itself wasn't expensive, less than $50, but to McKinney it was priceless beyond measure. Malls are huge places, it would be nearly impossible for McKinney to have found her necklace, especially considering she wasn't sure when it might have fallen.

Social media has helped make the world a smaller place and sometimes that's a good thing. She posted pictures of the locket and instructions on how to reach her if it happened to be found.

"Please if you find it hand it over. My mother was young and this is what we have left."

The post received almost nine thousand shares, quickly spreading around the area.

Miraculously someone found the locket, with the ashes still sealed inside.

"It is sealed with a screw from the funeral home. Still intact. I am so happy," McKinney told CBS news.

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