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Wild Mountain Lion Kitten Rescued After Being Taken From Its Mother And Held Captive Indoors

Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

When you spend a lot of time outdoors, you start to become familiar with all the different types of wildlife, including which are safe to spend time around, and which are not.

Mountain lions are typically not thought of as cuddly companions. When you see a mountain lion, you are not supposed to approach it, let alone try to pet it.    

One person didn't seem to understand though, and not only did they approach a mountain lion, but they brought it back to their home and held it captive.    

The mountain lion was a six-month-old kitten, but while it was smaller, it was still a wild animal that shouldn't have been brought indoors, because not only is it still dangerous, it is also illegal.  

The kitten was discovered after Colorado Parks and Wildlife came across photos published on social media on Monday, November 12th, showing the small mountain lion in a cage. The CPW's press release says the couple claimed the kitten was found in a snowbank after a plow went by.

"They also claimed they released it back to the wild after allowing it to 'thaw out,'" the press release said. "In fact, [Travis Sauder, CPW district wildlife manager] collected the kitten from their home in Walsenburg on Tuesday."

The couple lied about releasing the animal, and while they had it in their custody, they were said to have fed it bratwurst, causing the poor thing to get sick.

Sauder commented on the statement with clarification for other people who may think they are helping when they interfere with wild animals.

"Wild animals do not need to "˜thaw out' because they are equipped by nature to survive cold and snow. When we do have orphaned wildlife, it's important we get them to licensed rehabilitators who specialize in raising these wild animals, who know what to feed them and how to care for them so we can successfully release them back into the wild once they mature."

Because the couple kept the kitten for so long, they have ruined its chances of reuniting with its mother.

"It had been almost 30 hours since it was picked up Monday and its mom would not be in the area any longer," Sauder explained. "This is why it's vital to leave baby wildlife where you find them and call us immediately."

The kitten is now safe after being brought to a rehabilitation center, but chances are they will not be able to reunite the young mountain lion with its mother.

While the CPW is very adamant that no one does this, they couldn't resist making one little joke on their Twitter account.

So whatever you do, make sure that if you come across an animal in the wild that you suspect needs help, call the people responsible for take care of them instead of trying to do it yourself. You may accidentally do more harm then good.

Source - Colorado Parks & Wildlife / CBS Denver

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