Mustard Is The Hot New Pizza Topping - And Some People Are Upset

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Mustard Is The Hot New Pizza Topping - And Some People Are Upset

Pizza and pizza toppings provoke a lot of fierce debates online.

The great dispute about Hawaiian pizza has never really been settled, and don't even mention anchovies.

Now, a trendy pizza restaurant in New York is making pizza-lovers take sides over a strange new topping: mustard.

The New York pizzeria Lions and Tigers and Squares - which serves up Detroit-style, thick crust square pies - gets credit for bringing attention to this nasty trend.

But it actually has deep roots.

Squares owner Francis Garcia says mustard pizza was invented at a Trenton, New Jersey pizzeria called Papa's Tomato Pies.

Supposedly, a drunk customer misspoke while ordering "mushroom pizza," and the rest is history.

Many brave customers compare the mustard pie to an open-faced sandwich. And in fact, Squares pairs the condiment with corned beef and sauerkraut, before smothering it in brick cheese.

"Mostly everybody when they eat it, they're like "╦ťOh my God this is great.' Because who the ---- doesn't like a cheese sandwich with mustard on it?" said Garcia.

What do you think of mustard pizza? Tasty, or terrible?

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Know anyone who loves mustard a little too much?

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