My Heartburn Story And How I Stopped Suffering

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My Heartburn Story And How I Stopped Suffering


To start off let me be clear:

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

I have something in common with 60 million American adults. I experience heartburn at least once a month. I actually have more in common with the more than 15 million adults who suffer daily from heartburn. I was suffering all the time.

In case you aren't familiar, heartburn is a common problem created by acid reflux, a condition where some of the stomach contents are forced back up into the esophagus. It creates a burning pain in the lower chest. It's awful. Heartburn has often prevented me from doing things I really enjoy. Like going to see my grandson play football. I love going to games. But the hot coffee, pop, fatty and salty foods did a real number on me. I would have chest pain along with a burning sensation on my back. Eating shouldn't be this stressful. It is supposed to be one of the pleasures in life. I had had enough. That's when a friend of mine told me about the Omeprazole ODT she got at Walgreens.

Remember pills and water? That’s the old way to take heartburn medicine. Now there’s a better way: Omeprazole ODT (Orally Disintegrating Tablets). It melts in your mouth, no water needed. I just drop it right on my tongue, which was a relief to me because when I have heartburn I don't want to swallow anything. Putting a small tablet on my tongue felt so much better than taking the standard Omeprazole pills with water.​ When I'm suffering with heartburn, water tastes sour or even like bile, so having it dissolve on my tongue was a relief. The other thing I like is if I forget to take it, I have some in my purse. I won't need to find water to take it. Additionally, they taste great and go down easy.

Did you know that Omeprazole ODT treats the same heartburn symptoms as Prilosec OTC ®? It works just as well as the National Brands. However, since its a Store Brand, it’s more affordable. This was really important for me. I don't have a lot of disposable income but I needed to do something so I could enjoy eating again. The best part is that not only can I afford it, but it works.

You can find Omeprazole ODT at Walgreens. They have a store brand available in-store, Well at Walgreens and online. I can even point you towards a fantastic coupon that will save you even more. Click here to get $2.00 Off Walgreens Omeprazole ODT.

  • Use as directed for 14 days to treat frequent heartburn (occurring 2 or more days a week). May take 1-4 days for full effect. Not intended for immediate relief.

I am so glad that I made the smart decision to be proactive and treat my heartburn daily. I don't miss the searing chest pain. You know what else I don't miss? My grandsons football games.

Omeprazole ODT is everyone’s favorite way to treat frequent heartburn.

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