"Mysterious Lights" Hovering Over San Diego Freak Out Social Media Users

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"Mysterious Lights" Hovering Over San Diego Freak Out Social Media Users

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Does the sky hold all of humanity's answers? Many people would like to think so, which is why we love gazing up at the stars at night.

We're used to seeing faint glimmers in the distance in a city, but what if these lights are super bright? Bright enough that it makes you think it's not from this planet, perhaps?

This was the question many residents in San Diego, California asked themselves when dusk fell on Wednesday, August 29.

Not too long after sunset, a strange set of lights appeared hovering over the city.

Of course, many San Diego residents rushed to capture the footage of the unusual sight to share with the rest of the world.

These mysterious lights have been posted on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

"They were hovering in place and they were extremely bright," Uma Aggarwal told the San Diego Union-Tribune. "It was the craziest thing."

Aggarwal added that she first spotted the lights at 8:20 p.m.

If that wasn't freaky enough for the people watching this unfold, another set of lights appeared on top of the first one.

Then, suddenly, the lights vanished. That would have definitely sent chills down my spine!

Social media users came up with a number of theories, such as drones and UFOs, but, luckily, the truth came out sooner than later.

A Navy spokesperson told Fox 5 San Diego that those lights were flares.

"An aircraft squadron is performing "flare training" about 30 miles off the coast of San Diego. The lights might be seen intermittently through Thursday night, when the drills are expected to end," the news station wrote on their Twitter page.

In this close-up image below, you can tell that these "mysterious lights" aren't really that mysterious after all.

This isn't the first time in recent months that people have spotted something mysterious and foreboding in the sky.

Two weeks ago, a man thought he caught sight of a "spacecraft" over Lake Norman, North Carolina.

People jumped to conclusions that UFOs may be spying on us, but then GoodYear Blimp sent out a message that it was them hovering over the sky.

It's not only objects that are startling people around the world. Mysterious cloud shapes have also led to many interesting theories.

For example, last month, a woman's footage of what she said to be God "walking" in the clouds went viral.

And a few weeks ago, there was another recorded incident of the clouds sharing a "message from God."

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Have you ever seen something strange in the sky?

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