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Woman Develops Mystery Illness From Potatoes - Forcing Her To Live In A Glass Cage

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Griffins Garden Centre / El Espanol

When people say your life can change in the blink of an eye, they're really not kidding.

Juana Muñoz was a healthy 25-year-old woman living with her husband and one-year-old child when her world turned upside down.

That was in 1989, now almost 30 years later, Juana is confined in a glass cage that is only 25 square meters.

She lives without any human contact. She has no access to a cellphone, television, or a radio.

"The worst thing about living like this is not the pain, it is the physical and psychological damage of not being able to go out and live a normal life with loved ones," she said in dismay.

"In a few weeks my grandchild will be born and I do not know if I will be able to hold him at some point in my life."

She's been living in this small space for 13 years.

According to El Español, doctors say Juana is suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity, fibromylagia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and electrosensitivity.

The now 53-year-old Spanish woman has developed four chronic diseases - all without a cure.

But how she got to where she is today is still puzzling doctors. Juana believes she developed her mystery condition after being poisoned by homegrown potatoes.

She's hoping her story will raise awareness about the dangers of poisons put on our produce. This is Juana's story:

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