Nail Salon With Cheeky Name Sparks Huge Controversy

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Nail Salon With Cheeky Name Sparks Huge Controversy

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When you own a business, the name and logo you choose can make all the difference, especially if you're going to be operating in a small town.

For Dawn Moon, she knew that she needed to come up something catchy to help her nail salon stand out from the competition, so she took the risque route and named it Hand Jobs Nails & Spa.

Unfortunately, this has rubbed some people the wrong way.

Moon and her beauty business are now the center of attention, and even though not all of it has been positive, she still believes that the punny name is clever branding.

"You don't want something that they can't remember or that they can't pronounce or say," Moon told ABC. "In less than a week, I think the whole country knows about us. You can't pay for that kind of advertising."

Moon also insisted that the double-entendre storefront sign is appropriate because it's exactly what the spa offers.  

"If you go in and get your nose done, it's called a nose job, right? Well, you come in and get your hands done, it's a hand job!" Moon, who opened the salon this week, added.

Moon and her employees said that they've been getting "mostly compliments" as well as some jokes from some of their customers and even neighboring businesses.

However, a few of the town's residents are up in arms about the suggestive name and they have taken their concerns to the township's zoning office.

Zoning director Megan Sherlund told ABC that they have received complaints and since signs that are "indecent or obscene in nature" aren't permitted, they will be looking into the matter.

"We have no stance on it other than we have to take into consideration the entire feel and community of Perkins Township," said Sherlund, whose team will be make a decision about the sign this week.

Dawn MoonHand Jobs Nails & Spa/Facebook

Moon is confident that she will at least be able to retain the name because she was "given a licence by the state," however, if asked to take down the sign, some of her staff have vowed to appeal the decision.

"If they reject it, then we'll appeal it and then we'll go to court," said Krystle, a staff member. "But the name of the salon will not change."

So far this year, this is the second time that a business has come under fire for opting for a cheeky name.

Pho Keene Great/Facebook

The folks behind the upcoming Pho Keene Great restaurant in New Hampshire received a lot of backlash for their "offensive" name choice, but after a bit of back and forth with the city, they were able to keep their title and store sign.

Perhaps they might have some handy advice for Moon on how to proceed.

What do you think of the salon's name? Let us know in the comments!

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