"Nashville" Fans Respond To News About The Show's Future

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"Nashville" Fans Respond To News About The Show's Future

When Nashville premiered in 2012, it gave us absolutely everything we needed: country music, drama, and romance. The show followed Rayna James, a legend in the country music industry whose star was slowly falling, and Juliette Barnes, a starlet who knew just how good she was.


The tension between Juliette and Rayna was always front and center, and things didn't get any easier when Juliette stole Rayna's long-time guitarist (and love of her life), Deacon Claybourne.


In addition to the main characters, fans grew to love the minor characters as well. Scarlett, Gunnar, Avery, and Will all made the show worth while.


Nashville aired on ABC, and after four seasons it was announced that it would not be returning for a fifth. Any cancellation hits fans hard, but it didn't help that season four ended with Juliette's plane about to crash and her fate left unknown. Luckily, CMT picked the show up, giving it another chance. Season five premiered in 2016, and fans were lucky to have their favorite show back. Unfortunately, a new season meant new drama.

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Rayna James's death was the biggest blow to fans, and many wondered how the show could continue without its star. Just a week ago it was announced that season 6 would be premiering in January, but it remained unseen as to whether or not this would be the last one.

Now, CMT has made a decision on its star show, and fans have a lot of feelings.

CMT revealed that Nashville will be ending with its sixth season.

"After more than 120 episodes of unforgettable television, we believe that creatively it is time for the series to come to its triumphant close at the end of the upcoming season," Kevin Beggs, Chairman of the Lionsgate Television Group, said in the release. "We're very proud of our incredibly talented cast and crew, the creative brilliance of our showrunners, and the loyal support of our great partners at CMT, Hulu, and ABC Studios. Most importantly, we owe a special debt of thanks to the Nashville fans who propelled the series to an incredible run. We owe it to them to make the sixth season the most exciting and memorable of all."


"All of us on Nashville are so incredibly grateful to the show's fans, who convinced CMT to give us a chance to keep telling the story of these remarkable characters," executive producer Marshall Herskovitz said in a press release. "And we want to return the favor with a final season that celebrates all the joys and passions, twists and turns "” and amazing music! "” that made Nashville such an exciting journey for the last six years."

Fans probably saw this coming, but that doesn't mean it hurt any less.

Are you sad to see Nashville go?

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