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Mother Nature Is Literally Tearing This Town Apart

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Whether it's politics, crime, or sporting riots, there are many examples of cities across the world tearing themselves apart over something or other. But every now and then, Mother Nature steps up to show us humans how it is really done!

This is the case for Staufen, a town in Germany, where the buildings are literally being pulled apart at the seams.

Over 8,000 people live in the township where more than 270 buildings have began to break down and start ripping themselves away from wall to wall. Fractures have been appearing up and down houses and apartment buildings where families live and wonder if their home will crumble over top of them.

There's even a campaign to save the town and boost morale of the citizens still living there. This sign reads: "Staufen must not fall apart!"

However, the reason for their apparent collapse is partly their own fault.

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