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Former Navy Seal Donates His Liver To A Complete Stranger After Seeing Her Desperate Facebook Plea

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"I think I probably considered it for all of half a second before I said, 'I’m up let’s do this,'" Bramstedt said.

He travelled over 1,000 miles to meet up with the surgical transplant team. They were planning on taking 60% of his liver to give to Ray as the liver will be able to regenerate from that. He was told that it would be 10 weeks before he could return to work as a skydiving instructor and stuntman, but he still didn't give up.

"I feel that I have a little sister now. We literally share DNA at this point,” he said. "She gets extended years, she gets to raise her kids, to be the mother that she's always wanted to be and live out life with her husband.”

Jeff Bramstedt

He hopes that other people will consider doing the same. “You’re going to change someone’s life,” he said. “It could be the difference between life and death for somebody."

Bramstedt was touched by the card he received from Ray's children. It said "your dad is my hero" inside, along with a little drawing of a happy liver.

Melinda Ray

Melinda Ray is recovering now, and is touched by his generosity. "It gave me really great hope, and humanity, and hope that I could be a mom and a wife, because that’s something I wasn’t sure was going to happen through the year," Melinda Ray said. “And just the fact that someone would put their life on hold for me and stop their life and save mine, you know, it meant everything to me."

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