FBI releases never-before-seen images from 9/11

The FBI has released never-before-seen images from the Pentagon terrorist attack during 9/11. We've all seen the haunting images from the Twin Tower attacks, but less well known is the attack on the Pentagon.

When American Airlines flight 77 slammed into the side of the Pentagon it killed 184 people, including 59 on board the plane. The released images show the devastation the crash caused as well as first responders heroically battling the blaze caused by the crash.

Battling Fires
FBI Vault

The FBI released 27 new images in total, including images from inside the affected area of the Pentagon.

FBI Vault

Photos of debris make it all too easy to imagine the crash, which reportedly melted windows and even twisted steel beams because of the heat.

FBI Vault

Government documents stay classified for years, but periodically files and photos considered of benefit to the public will be released, years after the incidents occur.

You can see all the images at the FBI Vault here.

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