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$560 Million Jackpot Winner's "Huge Mistake" Proves You Shouldn't Sign Your Tickets

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A woman from Merrimack, New Hampshire won the eighth largest lottery jackpot in American history last month. But she still hasn't claimed it, for a surprising reason.

The anonymous woman's Powerball numbers were drawn last month, winning her a huge $560 million payout. According to her lawyer, when she realized her ticket was a winner, the woman felt "awe, disbelief, and an unexpected [emotion]: panic."

The store where the woman bought her lucky ticket.Reeds Market

As we're shared with you before, there are a number of hidden downsides to winning the lottery. Winners receive publicity and unwanted attention, requests for money from friends and family members, and even become a target for criminals.

Some lotto winners have even suggested that the money is a "curse," and say they would go back in time to rip up their lucky ticket if they could.

Andrew Whittaker called his Powerball win a "curse."AP

The unnamed winner from New Hampshire had obviously heard some of these stories, because she tried to collect her winnings anonymously.

But now the winner is not allowed to keep her identity private, and it's all because she signed her ticket.

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