Never Throw Away Gel Packets Again! Learn The 7 Clever Uses For These

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Never Throw Away Gel Packets Again! Learn The 7 Clever Uses For These

Everyone recognizes these annoying little packets. The last time you bought a new pair of shows you probably found one inside the box and tossed it right into the garbage.

What you didn't realize is these little gel beads are a miracle product with tons of genius uses. Stores use them to keep things fresh and dry, and they can do the same thing for lots of places in your home.

If you don't have any lying around, you can still try these tips. Walmart and other stores with a home department sell these beads either in bulk or in the small packets you recognize, so grab some and try these surprising tips!

1. Keep Your Shoes And Boots In Good Shape

This is so obvious you'll kick yourself for not thinking of it. When we buy shoes they come with these little packets but people rarely use them! Keep them either near your shoes or inside them to eliminate odors and moisture.

2. Protect Your Memories

Photo albums, family records, Christmas decorations, all these things we love get put into a musty crawlspace, and when we remember to bring them out the moisture has ruined them. Keep a gel pack inside the box and it will stay fresh and dry.

3. Take Them Traveling

Your suitcase starts your holiday clean and tidy, but on the ride back it's a mess full of wet swimsuits and dirty clothes. To avoid opening up a stink bomb when you get home, carry a few gel packs around in your luggage.

4. Keep Jewelry Looking Great

Know why your silver necklace looks tarnished after it's been sitting in the box for too long? The moisture in the air manages to get in. Your valuables will look fresh longer with some silica beads inside the case.

5. Take The Stink Out Of Your Kid's Backpack

By now you know that these beads are great at tackling even the smelliest parts of your home. Tuck one into your child's bag and no matter what happens to it, it will stay fresh. The same goes for a gym bag.

Note: Silicone beads should not be eaten, so if you use this tip with a young child make sure they can't get into the packet by accident.

6. Make Razors Last Longer

Even though razors are one of the most expensive things in the pharmacy section, they wear out ridiculously fast. To stretch your money a little further, keep them in a container with some silica and the blades will stay in good condition.

7. Fix A Wet Phone

It's so embarrassing but it happens to everyone, one wrong move and your phone takes a plunge into the toilet. Just take it apart and put the pieces in a bowl with some silica (mix in rice if you don't have enough). When the pieces are dry it should be fixed.

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