New Report Might Finally Have Cracked America's Favorite Cold Case

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New Report Might Finally Have Cracked America's Favorite Cold Case

The Cold Case Investigative Research Institute, CCIRI, specializes in solving the unsolvable, and they may have found enough evidence to finally solve one of the most famous cases in American history. The death of actress Natalie Wood.

Wood died 35 years ago while mysteriously disappearing from a yacht she had been on with her husband Robert Wagner and her co-star Christopher Walken. Her body turned up the next day and her death was ruled an accidental drowning...but not everyone was convinced.

Wood and Wagner
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Then, 30 years after her death, officials opened a probe into that fateful night. It led to a stunning reversal as coroners changed the cause of death from accidental drowning, to "drowning and other undetermined factors."

Reports have slowly been leaking out since the inquiry was completed. Rumors of bruises covering Wood's body, reports of her pleading with Wagner and stories of his jealous rages.

CCIRI used experts in body language, underwater crime scenes and domestic violence to comb over existing evidence. Now investigator Sheryl McCollum told RadarOnline that she has a suspect: Wagner.


Wagner and Wood were Hollywood's "It" couple in the 70s, both were major stars and their relationship was tabloid fodder.

In November of 1981 the couple set sail on Wagner's boat with Christopher Walken, who had co-starred with Wood in Brainstorm.

Wagner himself admits to getting in an argument with Walkin over Wood. He says the last he saw his wife she was shutting the door to the bedroom. After hours of arguing he and Walkin made up and Wagner went to bed, but Wood was no where to be found.

Hours later they reported her missing, the next day her body was found.

Now the CCIRI report cites the long wait, over 4 hours, in calling for help and Wagner's jealous tendencies as evidence that Wood was murdered. Wood was also notoriously afraid of water, making it unlikely she would have attempted to swim or row away from the yacht.

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Christopher Walkin has never spoken about the night.

The CCIRI says wounds on Wood's body are consistent with a struggle, and they suggest that she was choked into unconsciousness, wrapped in a heavy coat and rolled into the water.

Will the report lead to a Grand Jury indictment? Only time will tell, but after 35 years the public is as interested in seeing justice done as they ever were.

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