New Study Shows 'Surprising' Effect Of Hot Baths

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New Study Shows 'Surprising' Effect Of Hot Baths

If you're someone who loves taking a hot bath once in a while, you should probably start making it a daily routine!

According to a new study from Loughborough University, taking a hot bath actually burns the same amount of calories as going for a 30 minute walk.

The study focused on 14 men put through two tests. The first was an hour long bike ride, the second was an hour long bath in 104-degree-Fahrenheit water.

Obviously a bike ride is more effective in terms of calories burned, but researchers were not expecting baths to be so efficient at burning calories.


The study also revealed that peak blood sugar levels were lower after an hour-long bath in place of a bike ride. It also suggests that a hot bath can help reduce inflammation and ward off cardiovascular diseases.

The study does focus on men, so the results may in fact differ in women. One thing is for sure, though: soaking in a warm tub can only be good for your overall health!

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