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Newborn Rescued From Drain With Umbilical Cord Around His Neck


Since the beginning of time, people have committed atrocious acts in the world, but fortunately, there have been others to right their wrongs.

One of these individuals is a woman only identified as Greeta, who was alerted by a milkman that a crying newborn was stuck in the storm drain in Chennai, India.

Although the milkman originally thought it was trapped kitten in the drain, the 45-year-old discovered it was in fact a baby.

She was able to safely pull the infant out by his feet, unwrap the umbilical cord around his neck, and then cleaned him in a bowl of water.

"I reacted immediately, it was spontaneous. As a dozen or so residents and bystanders looked on, I peeped through the drain, an iron pipe around one foot in diameter, and saw the child inside," Greeta told a local publication, according to the Mirror.

"It was painful to see a child dumped like that. It appeared that the person who abandoned the boy had deliberately pushed him deep enough inside the drain so he would be out of sight."

"I don’t think there was any feeling for the child, because the umbilical cord seemed to be tied around the neck so it would slowly kill him."

He was rushed to the local Egmore Hospital, where medical staff realized he had difficulty breathing.

Luckily, the youngster has recovered from the traumatic incident and is now considered healthy.

However, the newborn will remain under observation until he's transferred to a local hospital.

But it doesn't seem he'd be there for long. According to NDTV, residents from across the city have already asked to adopt him.

Even though the baby was abandoned, the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu installed a cradle for unwanted babies to anonymously be placed, and once they're found, the government will take care of them.

Greeta, who's a mother herself, shared she's already picked out a special name for the little boy.

"I am naming him Suthanthiram (freedom) since we found him on Independence Day. I am glad he got his freedom to live," Geeta said.

Regardless of what you hear in the news, there are still plenty of good Samaritans out there.

Let us know th story of a person who's offered a helping hand to you!

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