"Nashville" Star Says Nicole Kidman Had The "Best" Parenting Advice


Behind all the glitz and glamour, it's easy to forget that movie stars are people too. They eat like we do, talk like we do and have kids like we do. Anyone who has been a parent has developed their own personal tips and tricks, it's true for celebrities too. Just like normal people, celebs also want to spread around their parental wisdom.

Connie Britton, award-winning actress from shows such as Nashville, Friday Night Lights, and American Horror Story has a busy life filled with travel. From sets to award shows, she's a sought-after commodity. She's also a mother and wherever she goes so to goes 7-year-old Eyob, whom she adopted in 2011.

Traveling with a child, even one as well behaved as Eyob, is tricky. With the amount of time Britton spends on planes, it's a wonder she hasn't gone crazy yet.

Actually she has a trick, one she learned from another very famous mother: Nicole Kidman.

"The best, best, best piece of advice that I ever got for traveling with a kid was from Nicole Kidman my first year in Nashville," Britton told "Radio Andy".

"They have an iPad that they can only use - and Nicole's pretty hardcore about technology with the kids - they have an iPad they only are allowed to use on the plane."

Kidman routinely goes back and forth from her native Australia to America to work, bringing the two children she shares with husband Keith Urban on those long haul flights. The average flight time from a city in Australia to a city on the west coast US is about 13 hours.

You better know what you're doing if you're flying 13 hours with a couple of children. Britton says Kidman "has it down to a science."

Now Britton has adopted the same "airplane only" trick Kidman taught her.

"The only time he uses an iPad is {on the plane]," Britton said. "Instead of giving him a couple doses of Benadryl, just do the iPad and then it goes back in his backpack when we land."

Not every mother is going to have an iPad specifically for airplanes, but the theory is a good one. Find something that a child will like, but can only do on an airplane. Whether that be watch a movie they haven't seen before or read a book!

What do you think of Kidman's trick?

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