No One Can Agree On How Many Horses Are In This Painting

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No One Can Agree On How Many Horses Are In This Painting, How Many Can You Find?

Bev Doolittle - SunGazing

When it comes to optical illusions, there are always going to be people who just can't wrap their heads around them. For some reason their eyes just can't pick up on the subtle differences until someone points it out.

Some people manage to use their eagle eyes to spot the differences almost instantly. These may be the people we accuse of being witches, but who knows, maybe they just have better eyes than the rest of us that need a second or third look... okay fine, fourth look.

We've all seen the illusions that transform an old lady's face into a young woman, we've seen the bunny that turns into a duck, and of course we all remember the great "blue-and-black or white-and-gold" debate of 2015.

But the latest illusion that has people stumped is actually one that has been around for a while. In fact, the photo that is currently circulating the internet is one that I believe my sister had as a puzzle when she was a kid.

Horses are always one of the most popular animals for kids to become obsessed with, probably because there are so many different types and colors it really makes them all unique and special.

But this picture of what is supposed to be a group of horses really plays a trick on your mind. You'll understand once you take a look, the animals blend into the background and you've really got to look to see them. How many horses can you spot in the image?

How many did you count? Three? Four? Well, there are actually five horses in the photo!

Source - SunGazing

Did you find them all? Challenge your friends to see if they can manage to find them all.