Nose Warmers Exist And They Come In Hilarious Designs

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Nose Warmers Are Becoming Trendy, But Would You Wear Them?

Nose Warmer - Twitter / perfectharmonyfitness - Instagram

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If the cold winter air makes your nose as red, and almost as puffy, as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you might consider investing in a nose warmer.  

Sure, high-end fashion models have never walked a runway sporting these bulbous nose attachments, but when your face feels like it's going to freeze up and your nose is leaking like a faucet, it may be worth compromising style for comfort.

Now I know what you're thinking, why not just wrap a scarf around your nose?

The thing about scarves is that they don't securely fasten around your nose. They slip and slide at every head tilt, which leads you to crane your neck down, and that's a pain.

These nose warmers will keep your nose warm and snug, and they come in all sorts of adorable designs.

nose warmers
A collection of nose warmers. Nose Warmer - Twitter

When I say nearly every invention you can imagine has been thought of, I'm not kidding.

The Nose Warmer Company from the UK designs handmade nose warmers (among other winter accessories) and ships them worldwide.

Take a look at some of their designs:

For all you Charlotte's Web fans out there, this nose warmer is adorable. If you're name is Charlotte, that's cool too.

Nothing gets those butterflies fluttering in your stomach like a "Kiss Me" nose warmer. I'm kidding. This one would look cute on a child.

These nose warmers are also great because they don't cover your mouth and eyes, so you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate without having to worry about a running nose.

Social media users have caught wind of these adorable designs, and they seem quite confident in their new face attire.

The elephant one is my favorite!

nose warmer
"When you are complaining that it is cold and start wearing your awesome elephant nose warmer."perfectharmonyfitness - Instagram

Nose warmers make a great Christmas gift. Believe me, no one will expect it.

This adorable pup looks so cozy!

Some people have even made their own nose warmers.

The pig nose is a classic.

There's no shame in loving that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer look, but I think you can agree that there a running nose is annoying.


Would you buy a nose warmer?

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