Woman Shares Hospital Bill After Miscarriage As A Plea To Save Planned Parenthood

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Woman Shares Hospital Bill After Miscarriage As A Plea To Save Planned Parenthood

Janie Faville is a Kanas City social worker and she shared a photo that has captivated mothers everywhere.

She realized after her miscarriage that no one ever seemed to discuss the extremely high costs with the heartbreaking experience and she wanted to share.

Faville shared the image of the bill which shows that after going through that traumatic experience, she was handed a bill for $1,369.57. While the original cost was $5,584.00, her insurance paid for a good portion of it. Even still, that is a lot of money for someone to be asked for after dealing with losing their child.

In the caption on Facebook, she said "Because people don't talk about it. This is how much a miscarriage costs with good insurance. THIS is why we need Planned Parenthood."

She needed to get a D&C procedure following the miscarriage which is a procedure where they clean the lining of the uterus to prevent infection and heavy bleeding. It isn't really an optional procedure, but many women who aren't insured may have trouble affording this.

Even though Faville has a solid job and benefits, she still needed to work out a payment plan to be able to afford this procedure. She wanted to share her story so that it would start the discussion on why affordable health care is important.

"I kept thinking about people who are so financially strained that [the cost of a miscarriage] could make them lose their house or their apartment or their car or transportation. Or they would have to choose between that and food," Favillr told Self Magazine.

Did you know that this necessary medical procedure was so expensive?

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