Nursing Home Turned To A Giant Horse To Bring A Smile To Their Seniors' Lips - It Worked

A Reddit user who works at a nursing home captured a special surprise for residents there: a visit from a giant Clydesdale horse.

User Mrpazman uploaded an adorable photo of a resident meeting the humongous horse. The smile on her face is contagious as it's clear the horse was spreading good cheer.


I'd hate to be the person who had to clean up after it though.

The post has had thousands of up votes (a harder to earn form of a "like") with many people commenting their admiration for the idea.

Clydesdales grow on average to about 6 feet tall and weight hundreds of pounds. The largest ever recorded was a massive 10 ft tall horse.

Huge Horse
Barry Bland

I wonder if the nursing home would have been so keen to accept a visit from that one?

From the reaction to the Reddit post it seems that more unusual visits might be in store. It'd be a great way to bring smiles to our aging population.

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