Customers Warn Their NutriBullet Blenders Have Been Exploding

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Customers Warn Their NutriBullet Blenders Have Been Exploding

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Millions of people bought NutriBullet blenders because of the promise that these "nutrient extractors" could make them healthier.

Now, a new lawsuit claims they could actually put your life in danger.

The hugely popular appliance lets customers blend smoothies and drink them from the same container. The NutriBullet has become a hit because it's easy to clean, simple to use, and saves time because of its creative design.


But in the past, the company has been the subject of serious warnings about product safety. Product testing magazine Consumer Reports identified the NutriBullet Pro 900 as a "safety hazard" after blades on two different machines broke during their durability tests.

Because of the NutriBullet's design, which lets you drink straight from the blending pitcher, the magazine considered this a serious defect. "If you already own the product," they wrote, "we suggest you stop using it."

A close-up photo shows a broken NutriBullet Pro 900 blade.Today

Now a new class-action lawsuit details an even more dangerous malfunction, and experts are sharing how you can protect yourself from an exploding NutriBullet blender.

Last month, 22 plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that they were burned or cut when their NutriBullet blender exploded without warning.

Doug Rochen, an attorney who represents some of the customers in the lawsuit, says they were using the product just like they were supposed to when it suddenly exploded from pressure and heat inside the blending pitcher. He's on the lookout for more customers who experienced a similar defect with their NutriBullet product.

Unlike some blenders, NutriBullets can't safely blend warm food or liquids, but customers say they were only blending cold or room temperature ingredients during the explosions.

For their part, NutriBullet insists that customers must be misusing their blenders.

Sherry Utal complains that her NutriBullet exploded, giving her 2nd degree burns.CBS News

"Reports of blenders, which have operated normally for years, suddenly turning cool ingredients into scalding hot mixtures after less than 20 seconds of normal operation are perplexing and contrary to the hundreds of millions of uses by satisfied NutriBullet customers worldwide," their attorneys said in a statement.

If you use a NutriBullet, experts say to follow these safety steps:

  • Read the product safety manual, which includes a section of safety tips
  • Never blend anything for more than one minute
  • Never blend hot items or liquids
  • Don't overfill your blender
  • Keep the blender clean
  • Don't fill the blending pitcher with ice
  • Set all the NutriBullet's dials to "Off" or zero when you unplug it

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