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NYPD Officers Are Given Yearly "Get Out Of Jail Free" Cards For Friends And Family, And People Are Not Impressed

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It's safe to say that in the present day, there's a lot of extra scrutiny being placed upon police officers. Thanks to a combination of racial tension, social change, and a history of police abuse going largely unpunished, many people are demanding that we hold our officers of the law to a much higher standard, and scrutinize them accordingly.

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While many police officers are ultimately kind and respectable public servants that just want to serve, protect, and make the world a better place, the unfortunate fact is that what tends to make the news are the officers who abuse their power, either for personal gain or to do harm.


One subject that's been especially controversial has been the notion of officers turning a blind eye to crimes committed by fellow officers, crimes which they would be more than happy to pull someone else over for committing. It creates an aura of favoritism that causes a lot of people to question the real motives behind why many officers take their job, and ultimately, even if it's supposed to be harmless, it doesn't leave a good impression.


So it happens that the New York City Police Department is the latest group to find itself the target of online scrutiny, after sources revealed that its officers are given a yearly allotment of "get out of jail free" cards meant to be given to friends and family so they can be pardoned from certain illegal activities...

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