A Decision Has Been Made Regarding O.J. Simpson's Parole

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Who doesn't know about O.J. Simpson? Have you been living under a rock?

If the answer is yes, then let me recap some stuff for you.

In 1994, O.J. Simpson was alleged to have killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. There were a lot of reasons to believe he did kill them, and these are those reasons.


Simpson's bloody finger prints were found in the home, and other DNA evidence was found around the home, including blood inside the now discontinued Ford Bronco O.J. was driving. The blood found in the car contained both O.J.'s blood, as well as the blood of the there's that.

ABC News

The Car Chase

O.J. Simpson fled from cops in his white Ford Bronco for HOURS. And it was all caught on tape. Why would he do that if he was innocent?

Change of Alibi

YOU get an alibi! And YOU get an alibi! O.J. Simpson claimed he was sleeping at the time of the murder. Then he claimed he was hitting golf balls outside his home. THEN he claimed a neighbor's housekeeper saw him parked in his car outside his house at the time of the murder. Are thee 3 O.J. Simpson's, perhaps? Or 3 stories to try and cover up the real truth?


O.J. Simpson was a scorned lover, and there's evidence to prove it. Nicole Simpson had called 911 on numerous occasions to report jealous rages, stalking, hitting, and verbal degradation. Does this not sound like someone who is capable of murder if his now ex-wife is seeing other people?

He Literally Wrote A Book About It

O.J. Simpson wrote a pretty telling book, called "If I Did It." Seriously. The entire book was a hypothetical detail-for-detail account of just how he would have murdered those people.

Here is an actual excerpt, referencing the famous moment when he was asked to try on the alleged gloves used in the murder and they didn't fit, which was a huge breakthrough in the case.

“If I had actually done it… I would have brought my good gloves that day. I would have thought it was shame they shrunk when I left them out on the patio, but I would have brought them just the same. They were my lucky gloves, and I would have needed them cause I was going to stab my slut of a wife… hypothetically.”

Hypothetically, it sounds like someone who is definitely guilty.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted in 1995, and was deemed innocent in the murder of both Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. However, in 2008, O.J. Simpson was given up to 33 years in prison for his involvement in an unrelated robbery. 33 years is the maximum possible sentence for that particular crime.

Now, just 8 years into that sentence, O.J. Simpson could be walking free.

Continue reading to find out how.

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